Your Labour Day Holiday Menu

On September 1, 2016, in Uncategorized, by Patricia

Labour Day Holiday Menu

Canadian Shield + wild blue berries + severe thunder storm watch

Mink + beaver + snapping turtle + zebra mussel cut on heel + swirl of panic about snapping turtle + blood in water/jus

Paddle board + insanely barking schnauzer + water ski

Dock spiders + West Nile Virus + East Coast bat reduction

Ale + artisanal gin + Pisco Sour + badly barbecued everything

Cicada + crickets + CNN Trump infusion

Bonfire + Bailey’s + spontaneous skinny dip + screaming match about religion

Fair trade coffee + forgotten/absent milk + bitter morning silence

Hammock + hungover nap + two pages of latest buzzed novel + nap

20 per cent data overuse surcharge on cell plan

No substitutions


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