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For five months, now, I have been opening the door to conversation about extraordinary experiences near death, and it is a bit of a gob-smack how many people have offered tales that defy the ‘wishful thinking’ analysis offered up by skeptics. Here, on this website, to me personally through email, or in discussions on radio and around the dinner table, I’ve heard about a world that seems to be wired by love. There’s a current there we haven’t identified yet. Electric.
Nothing in my career as a journalist has even come close to eliciting so many affirmative examples of something I’ve described.
It has become shatteringly obvious that when psychologists dismiss such events as imaginative reconstructions of memory, they haven’t actually taken a serious look at the data. This is particularly true in those cases – I’m choosing to call them crisis impressions – where the extraordinary perception happened before death or danger had been reported in a conventional way.
The psychologists I’ve debated cannot account for why these events are so surprising, disorienting, startling and amazing IN THEMSELVES, not just in relation to a death then occurring.
“The most inexplicable event of my life.”
“It made my sense of reality wobble.”
“I thought I was going mad.”
“I nearly lost control of the car.”
“I followed her out of the house but she disappeared.”
These experiences are as common as daylight, and the simplest explanation is that they point to a capacity for perception in human beings that is heightened by crisis.

This, I think, is the area that I’d like to home in on next. If you happen to be speaking to someone who has this kind of story, please encourage them to contact me at pearsonspost@sympatico.ca

And thank you, so much, for sharing your experiences so far, allowing the door to push further ajar.


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  1. Gloria says:

    Catherine, your writing has given me the courage to persevere with my blog that I started a year ago to share the experiences that were initiated when my husband was dying of cancer back in 1996. My life was turned upside down and is just beginning to right itself. I don’t consider myself a writer but I feel an internal impulse to keep on with the attempt to articulate and share what I experience. I tried to get the Kindle version of your book but it isn’t available in Australia so will have to wait for it to arrive and be content with the taster available on Amazon.

    Thank you for honouring your sister’s soul.

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