Beware the writer in the house

On October 7, 2013, in Uncategorized, by Patricia

This weekend, I wrote about my daughter’s experience with the hyper-sexualization of girls, and while she agrees with me, she wants to use her own voice to fight her own fight. So, I took the post down. My apologies to everyone who submitted thoughtful and incisive comments. I’ll try to get at the subject another way, without using her as a poster child.


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  1. Anne bokma says:

    Just signed up for your blog and am a fan of your writing. I too have a 16 year old daughter. I read your blog to her and her reaction was, ‘i don’t know any boys like that’ and ‘why is it Miley Cyrus’s fault that those boys acted like pigs?’ Gotta say I agree with her. Why blame a woman for bad male behaviour. That’s kind of like saying strippers make men treat other women poorly. The men are responsible for their own behaviour I think. Anyway, provocative stuff snd thanks for helping me get the discussion gping with my daughter!

  2. Les Perreaux says:

    Well, I for one really appreciated it, and it rang a real alarm bell for a dad starting to raise two very young boys. So thanks to you both.

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